WazirX Vs CoinDCX Complete Review Fee Comparison 2023-2024

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WazirX Vs CoinDCX Complete Review Fee Comparison Platform & Trading Pairs 2023-2024

Wazix X and Coin DCX are both the platform which is used for crypto exchanges, Youn can use INR, for buying & selling all types of crypto coin currencies from these platforms;

WazirX Vs CoinDCX Complete Review Fee Comparison 2023-2024

If you are interested to invest in cryptocurrencies then you can directly buy or sell all types of cryptocurrencies through Indian Rupee;(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

  • Bitcoins
  • Many more cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, & Litecoin;
  • Crypto tokens Like:- LINK, UNI, and MATIC
  • Altcoins Like:- NEO, EOS and TRON
  • Some Stablecoins:- (These crypto coins are those whose value links with US$ Dollar) Like USD$ Coin, Tether (USDT), USDC Coin (USDC), and Binance USD (BUSD)

Why are Wazir X and Coin DCX Prices Difference?

CoinDCX charges only 0.1% as a taker fee and Wazir X Charge 0.2% percent taker Fee it means CoinDCX charges less fee from Wazix X;

Crypto exchanges companies are working similarly to ESE and NSE Stock Exchanges; There are two major factors or changes that create a difference between crypto exchanges from stock exchanges:-(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

  1. The best thing about crypto exchanges you don’t need stock brokers crypto exchanges to allow  their users to access directly on their platform for buying & selling;
  2. The great thing about cryptocurrencies users can use cryptocurrencies to buy other cryptocurrencies like if you have bitcoins you buy more cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and many more;(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

But if you are a crypto exchange user then you can buy bitcoins directly, if you have any other type of currency like Ethereum then you can buy bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies;(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

Wazix and Coin DCX both are crypto exchanges which are started their operations in 2018;- both companies creates a platform for common peoples for buying & selling all cryptocurrencies;-(WazirX Vs CoinDCX Complete Review Fee Comparison 2023)

WazirX (Short Description):-

WazirX is an Indian-based Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, headquarters of WazirX is situated in Mumbai India; this company offers an automatic Maching peer-to-peer (P2P engine);- 

Co-Founders of WazirX & his Team Members:-

Co-Founders of WazirX

When the central bank of India Banned the banks from dealing with all types of cryptocurrencies, in that case, WaziX Launched the Peer 2 Peer Engine in India for buying & selling all kinds of cryptocurrencies (WazirX Vs CoinDCX);

WazirX was founded in 2018 by three persons Nischall Shetty, Sameer Mhatre, and the last Siddharth Menon, In 2019 WaziX was acquired by Binnace Company; Now Wazix is available on Five platforms their any user can easily access (WazirX Vs CoinDCX);-

Wazix is available on all these 5 Platforms (WazirX Vs CoinDCX);-

  • Web (Website)
  • Android App
  • IOS App
  • Windows App
  • Mac App

WaziX is growing day by day, Wazir X is now India’s largest digital currency exchange, now in days more than 60% to 70% of Indian digital currency will exchange for complete market share, and now WaziX is also the most prominent NFT Market place in India;(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

If you don’t hear about the WazirX NFT marketplace then this will help you now you can buy or sell your digital Art, Music, or many more digital arts online on WazirX Marketplace;

In February 22, 2022 Wazir X  24 hour Trading Volume was about $55 Million USD with 229 Coins and more than 428 trading pairs on the exchange (WazirX Vs CoinDCX);-

CoinDCX Short Description:-

CoinDCX is one of the blockchain companies which is founded in 2017 by Sumit Gupta, CoinDCX is one of India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchanges;-

CoinDCX was founded by Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal in 2018


CoinDCX was founded by Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal in 2018; CoinDCX total valuation is $1.1 Billion USD, CoinDCX is also certified through ISO certification and ISO (Internation organization of Standards) this company is also assured by BITGo. 

On 10 August 2011 Coin DCX raised $90 million USD in its Series C funding round, in this funding they involved many international investors for their company including Facebook CEO Eduardo Saverin and now Coin DCX Valuation was $1.1 Billion USD;

Timeline of CoinDCX:-

  • On April 19, 2022

CoinDCX company raised $135,900,000 to complete their venture round from draper dragon, with Kinder ventures, Kingsway Capital, Republic Capital, Steadview capital;

  • On August 25, 2021

The company Coindcx joins the (ASCI) Advertising Standards Council of India;

  • On August 10, 2021

CoinDCX company becomes India’s 1st Cryptocurrencies Unicorn Platform which crosses the valuation of $1100,000,000 last after closing at $90,000,000 in their Series C funding round;

  • On August 10, 2021

CoinDCX company raised their C round funding from Anthony Bucci, Coinbase Ventures, B Capital Group, Jump Capital, Polychain capital and Block One;

  • On December 2020

CoinDCX company raised in the Second B round $1000,000,000 from Coinbase Ventures, DG Incubation, Alexender Pack, Mehta Ventures, Jump capital, Polychain Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, and Block. One;

  • On May 26, 2020

CoinDCX Company raised in Series A round $2,500,000 from Coin Ventures and Polychain capital;

  • On March 2020

Coin DCX company raised in Series A $3,000,000 from 100 ventures, Polychain capital, and Bain capital ventures;

Now see WaziX Vs CoinDCX, Which is a more Trustable Platform

If you will see there are more than 190 + Cryptocurrencies available globally the daily trading volume of more than $10 Million USD Dollars every day;

If you know that crypto exchanges are not illegal all over the world, but you have to know that none of them are regulated by any country government or any financial regulatory body or central authority;

If you want to trade in absence of any regulatory authority, traders can judge the trustworthiness of any crypto exchange or you can see or check these factors like:-

  • #1 Founder Profile of both companies(WazirX Vs CoinDCX):-

  • The CEO of WazirX was Nishcal Shetty a computer science graduate and Nischal Shetty was the founder of many more companies like TWI5, Crowdfire, and WazirX; according to our research he is also part of Forbes Under 30 top entrepreneurs for 2014 all over India;
  • The founder of CoinDCX Sumit Gupta graduated from IIT Mumbai, He is a Co-founder of list-up & Coindcx with a deep interest in Cryptography and Number theory;
(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)Winner:- The Co-founders of both companies seem to be very honest & professional and completely dedicated to their businesses backed by experience entrepreneurs & they both have expertise in their fields;
  • #2. Security features Comparison between both companies:-

Every user needs to go through the KYC process and complete bank verification when you will create an account on CoinDCX Account in your smart phone, Mobile, Desktop, or from any device or platform where they are using;

If you are creating a trading account for security you have to enable 2FA (Two Factor Authorization) for accessing in CoinDCX Account;

CoinDCX company stores 95% of their cryptocurrencies in Cold Wallet, (Users can store offline, as they don’t need to connect to the internet) and the rest of the 5% of cryptos in Hot Wallets; 

Coin DCX create this to secure cryptos from hacking attacks;

CoinDCX All the cryptos are assured by Bitgo(Bitgo is a digital asset insurance company) 

If you compare this with WazirX- this company did KYC process verification and company also wants bank account verification during open an account in WazirX; User has to input 2-factor Authorization for the trading account and WazirX sends daily emails/SMS alerts on the user’s smartphone;

On WazirX App you can store almost 95% of your funds in offline cold storage by the user funds are completely protected & and will make it completely safe from hackers;

Winner:- For security purposes, CoinDCX is the winner because the customer’s funds are protected all amount under the Bitgo insurance policy which provides more safety;
  • #3. Associates & Partners

If you know about Binance- Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange and this is also a company that holds WazirX;

if you asking about CoinDCX this company has investors like Bain Capital Ventures, Including Coinbase Plychain and bitmex;

Winner:- Now WazirX had an edge over the CoinDCX because WazirX is completely integrated with Binance Company; You will get the extra option in WazirX if any case your country govt ban crypto than you shift your portfolio on Swifty to Binanance;

If you are asking my point of view I believe WazirX (WazirX complete Brief Review)will more secure because after I know that Binance is giving complete backup to WazirX; WazirX company also borrows all the latest technology and all the marketing  knowledge from Binance;

  • #4 Point Connect to founders & media platforms, Helpline

CoinDCX is completely accessible on these platforms where you can contact them;

  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Youtube 
  • Telegram
  • Instagram

Here are resources by which you can connect with WazirX:-

  • Twitter
  • Website-request form
  • Telegram 
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Gmail 
  • LinkedIn
Winner:- If you go with WazirX then you will get many more social media options to connect with Wazirx you can easily reach them if you have any queries;

Great things about both brands WazirX and Coindcx are completely backed by Global brands, both companies are managed by competent professionals and, both companies are completely eligible for adequate security measures your complete funds are completely secure and safely they make the trading journey very easy;

Open Your Free WazirX Account 

Easy to Money deposit & Withdrawal system

CoinDCX and WazirX both companies support Indian Currency directly deposit from a bank and users can easily withdraw their money, very easy to deposit money you can easily control your all money you can use any bank account from all over India;

Money that you deposit in your application wallet then you can easily buy cryptocurrencies very easily;

Users can use both platforms to buy Bitcoins and many other cryptocurrencies with their INR accounts:-

Particulars  WazirX  CoinDCX
Apps Mobiwik Mobiwik
Deposit Fee NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, Rs 5.90 per transaction

On UPI per Transaction: Rs 4.00

Rs. 0.00
Time  Maximum- 72 Hours Maximum – 72 Hours
Minimum Amount  Rupees: 100 Rupees: 100
Maximum Amount  No limit User Need KYC up to 5 Lakh Depending on KYC Status

If you are using WazirX then you need to know WazirX does not allow withdrawals user need to complete KYC and bank verification complete first after then they withdraw their money;

Or if you are using CoinDCX you can easily widaraw and deposit cash up to Rs 10000 in case if you are KYC is pending;

(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)Winner:- If you are a new user who is interested to invest in cryptos or a beginner trader then you will love the flexibility offered by CoinDCX;

If you will use WazirX for a newbie this is better placed at WazirX will help you to start your trading career and help you to grow your crypto portfolio; 

WazirX is completely managed by Binance which provides an exchange experience very smoothly user will get a great experience with learning;

CoinDCX VS WazirX Complete Details about Trading Fee & all Charges with comparison;

Both platforms are the marketplace where any user can buy or sell cryptos instantly and start trading by day one, CoinDCX and WazirX are also crypto exchanges;

Here is a comparison between CoinDCX Vs WazirX Trading Fee details;-

Particulars  CoinDCX WazirX
Takers Fees 0.11% to 0.0001% this is completely based on the at least 45 days cumulative trading volume; 0.2%
Maker Fee 0.11% to 0.0001% this is completely based on the at least 45 days cumulative trading volume; 0.2%

If you use CoinDCX Charges Taker & Maker Fee is completely based on 45 days trading levels; if you are New bie then it is very difficult to calculate which can be complex for every new crypto trader;

or if you are a user of WazirX they charged a Fixed 0.2% Fee in this case if you will compared it with CoinDCX that was too high, but the great thing about WaziX have a referral program where you can earn WRX tokens;

You can pay the fee through WRX tokens, then you will get a 50% discount on the fee on the WazirX Platform, the great thing is that case you have to pay only 0.1% which is good for beginner traders and this is very low if you compared with CoinDCX;

If you have WRX Tokens in your account then it’s great for you it will provide you with many more benefits WRX tokens are listed and now recently Wazirx Delivered handsome returns this makes you a completely win-win situation for all the WazirX Users;-

Winners:- If you read the upper paragraph carefully then you see WazirX Provides great offers and a straightforward fee structure, WazirX charges fixed charges; You will get an extra 50% Discount on Fees if you have WRX Tokens Coins in your WazirX wallet;

Start Your Crypto Journey Today 

Let’s see Market Place, & listed Crypto Pairs & Which provide ease in trading Comparison;-

  • (1). MarketPlace

If you use WazirX they provide Spot Exchange and complete Peer to Peer (P2P) & Users will see STF Marketplace is available on the WazirX Platform;

  • P2P Market Place (WazirX):- Here you can sell or buy by using only USDT or you can purchase or sell through INR (Indian Rupee) directly from other users(Traders) in between WazirX acting as custodian;
  • Spot Exchange:- WazirX allows their user or customers to buy direct purchase and they can sell easily their cryptocurrencies very easily;
  • STF(Smart Token Fund):- STF Tokens provide a great experience to WazirX Crypto Traders which helps to begin to grow their portfolio and will them get good returns most beginners will grow their portfolio in return and beginners earn a certain percentage;

But if you use CoinDCX then this is completely different from the Margins, Spots and you will see the Futures marketplace on CoinDCX;

  • CoinDCX Spot Exchange:-

This app also allows direct selling and purchase of all types of cryptocurrencies;

  • Margin Trading (WazirX Vs CoinDCX):-

CoinDCX allows users to trade 6X leverage, which will provide a similar stock margin in Trading;

  • Futures Trading Interface(WazirX Vs CoinDCX):-

You can’t imagine that CoinDCX provides 20X Leverage in Crypto Trading similar to F&O Trading;

(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)Winners:- Both platform’s market is completely different and not comparable you can compare only Spot the exchange;

Important Note:- WazirX is the best crypto marketplace for Beginner this is one of the simple marketplaces which very easy to understand and anyone can use it very easily if they are experienced traders they have to move to CoinDCX because Coin DCX is a futuristic Marketplace for experienced traders;

  • (2.) Access to DeFi Applications

If you are a CoinDCX exchange user you have access to lending & Skating De-Fi Applications;

Access to DeFi applications

The De-Fi Application is completely smart & fully advanced protocols are built on the base of Ethereum Blockchain; Users can easily lend or easily borrow the stakes in any cryptos; It increases the earning margins of cryptocurrencies or easily lying in your wallet;

(WazirX Vs CoinDCX) Winners:- We can’t compare both exchanges, but if you using CoinDCX is an application for experienced traders;
  • (3.) Crypto Trading Pairs

On CoinDCX Crypto Marketplace:- CoinDCX users have 11 base trading Pairs which give you trading wider choices, 

  • INR/ Crypto Pairs
  • BTC/ Crypto Pairs
  • USDT/ Crypto Pairs
  • BNB/ Crypto Pairs
  • DAI / Crypto Pairs
  • USDC/ Crypto Pairs
  • ETH/ Crypto Pairs
  • TRX/ Crypto Pairs
  • BUSD/ Crypto Pairs
  • TUSD/ Crypto Pairs
  • XRP/ Crypto Pairs

If you are using CoinDCX then you will get only 32 Paired against INR. It means on CoinDCX is used for buying the rest of the cryptocurrencies but for buying or trading users need to buy USDT for buying or selling the cryptocurrencies that they are looking for:-

On WazirX Marketplace:- Users have only Four Base trading pairs with whom cryptocurrencies are matched; there are 4 base pairs:-

  • BTC/Crypto Pairs 
  • INR/Crypto Pairs
  • USDT/ Crypto Pairs
  • WRX/Crypto Pairs

If you are using Wazir X then the company offers you 70 cryptos paired Against INR; through WazirX you can directly buy cryptos through the INR amount in your account;

(WazirX Vs CoinDCX) Winner: If you read all facts then you will see that WazirX provides you with more comfort features for buying & selling in trading in cryptos by using directly purchasing through INR very easily;

OPEN FREE WazirX Account 

  • (4.) Ease of Trading

Cryptos Trading Platform:-

If you are experienced in trading then CoinDCX is for you it is completely like the forex trading platform which is perfect & suitable for experienced traders; You can use your complete knowledge or earn more profits through CoinDCX features;

Experienced traders will find the best crypto pairs & the dark mode gives a heavy professional look and improves the trading premium experience;

If you are using the WazirX Platform which provides you with a completely safe & clean look where you will see all the relevant features it makes more simple for beginners they can easily start the crypto trading journey;

Sell/buy Order Window

If you use the order window of CoinDCX this is very complex for beginners because you will see the BIDS and Ask rates shown below the other;

Peer to Peer (P2P) and STF marketplace are available on WazirX.


For every new beginner CoinDCX is not familiar with Order Book, It will be hard to understand the buying & selling process is arranged the fashion;

Advantage (Wazir X Vs CoinDCX):-

This comes with advantages also users can view more orders at a time for example if you click on the Bids Button or you can ask for the order book then you will get all the complete details of almost 80+ Orders in the Book (Wazir X Vs CoinDCX);

If you are using WazirX then it is completely easy to understand the bids and you can ask for orders placed very easily side by side;


You can see only 10 orders at the time;

Shorting of Cryptocurrencies (Wazir X Vs CoinDCX)

CoinDCX Users can short the 50 cryptocurrencies at a time, or if you are a WazirX user don’t have any option for shorting Cryptocurrency (First Sell or buy later cryptocurrencies);

(WazirX Vs CoinDCX) Winners:- Ease of Trading you see that WazirX easily beat CoinDCX because it provides the new user with a great experience and make it simple for beginners super easy, New user don’t need experience in trading they can easily start through WazirX and start their crypto journey and easily buy or sell cryptos;

If you are an experienced user then you should go with CoinDCX it is completely suitable for highly experienced crypto traders which increases their profit margin gave them a great experience with this platform and product offerings;

WazirX Vs CoinDCX

WazirX provide a complete friendly interface system by which new user can easily access some basic knowledge and provide functionality for intermediate and provide you, advance level traders;

OPEN Your WAZIRX Account Now for Free

Customer Service Experience comparison WazirX VS CoinDCX

Let’s know about customer services experience comparison both platform exchanges tried their best service to increase knowledge of all the issues directly through the Twitter handle;

Both websites have request forms where you can register your complaint and you can complain directly through social media handles also (WazirX Vs CoinDCX);

WazirX and CoinDCX both platforms received all the complaints from users mostly about the INR deposits they are getting delayed in most cases and it comes mostly problems during trading peak hours(WazirX Vs CoinDCX);

Mostly in cases banks don’t cooperate with crypto exchanges and this is done by recent huge price fluctuations in all the crypto markets;(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)Winners:- Customer Service is totally average from both the marketplaces and both companies have to improve their services;

Final thoughts about WazirX Vs CoinDCX Complete Review Fee Comparison 2023-2024 (WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

Why should you have to go for WazirX Crypto Exchange?

Here is my opinion, Here are the facts you should choose WazirX for Trading:-

  • WazirX Provides a complete clean interface & intuitive and makes it more simple for beginners;
  • WazirX charged the Fix low 0.1% trading fees when users using WRX coins;
  • You have 70+ Paired cryptos against INR;
  • WazirX allows using of UPI to make deposits part from NEFT, RTGS & IMPS;
  • User can withdraw their amount in INR form directly in their respective bank account;(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

Here is Your WazirX Free Account Opening Link

Why you should Prefer CoinDCX Here are the Following reason (WazirX Vs CoinDCX):-

Here are the Facts & reasons about CoinDCX, You can take a decision whether you will need this or not (WazirX Vs CoinDCX);

  • CoinDCX charges a very less fee (up to 0.0001%) in the Higher Statement.
  • Users can be trading in volume with wise fees;
  • Users can easily access the margin and users will experience future crypto trading.
  • Users can easily earn on their crypto by Using DE Fi Applications;
  • Users can use a short trading strategy.
  • Easily user can deposit their amount through UPI or multiple options like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS;(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

Conclusion & Final thoughts About(WazirX Vs CoinDCX Complete Review Fee Comparison )

In this article we will try to give a complete overview of both platforms we create this comparison of CoinDCX Vs WazirX, Finally, now my decision to choose the WazirX account because if you are living in India then it will help you a lot of great things you can easily make more money through WazirX;(WazirX Vs CoinDCX)

WazirX is completely comfortable and very easy to understand for buying & selling all types of cryptocurrencies this is the best platform for new traders & new crypto investors;



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