Louis Gossett Jr Spouse and Family Information

Louis Gossett Jr.'s full name was Louis Cameron Gossett Jr He was born on May 27, 1936, in Coney Island  Brooklyn New York City USA 

Louis Gossett completed his schooling as an alumnus of Mark Twain Intermediate School 239 and he also studied at Abraham Lincoln High School and completed his graduation in 1954 

After that, he attended New York University, declining an authentic scholarship because he was a tall guy in their college height was 6 Feet 1 inch Meters tall 

Louis Gossett was married three times and he became the father of  one son and also adopted another, Louis Gossett was married to Hattie Glascoe 

Louis Gossett jr has a son named Sattie who was born in 1974, His son was born after Louis Gossett's second marriage with Christiana Mangosing in 1973 

In 1975 Gossett and Christiana got divorced, and then he decided to get married again for the third time star search Champion Cyndi James Reece and again divorced in 1992 

At the age of 87 Louis Gossett's net worth was $5 Million currently in 2024 before he died 

Louis Gossett served in a ranger position in the U.S. Army 

he has working experience in the Military and he knew about Military life since his life he has become more popular as an actor