Nelson Peltz Net Worth 2024

In 2024 Nelson Peltz crossed $8.5 Billion 

Nelson Peltz's Net Worth was estimated to be USD 1.7 Billion, or in Feburary 2017 

Forbes Magazine announced that Nelson Peltz's worth was $1.5 Billion After this was published he was the 432nd Richest person to live in the USA 

Nelson Peltz was married 3 times first married in 1964 he married beautiful Cynthia Abrams 

Nelson Peltz is an American Billionaire who owns Train Fund Management and owns more the $3.5 Billion in Disney Common stock 

Nelson Peltz was also known as the founder of Trian Partner 

He was born in a Jewish Family in 1942 in Brooklyn, New York USA 

Nelson Peltz quit his school or dropped his education at Wharton School to become a ski Instructor in Oregon 

Peltz headquarters is located in the USA official address:- 10900 US Highway 19 N Clearwater Florida USA