Louis Gossett Jr Spouse and Family Information

Louis Gossett Jr Spouse and Family Information

Louis Gossett Jr Spouse and Family Information

Louis Gossett Jr.’s full name was Louis Cameron Gossett Jr He was born on May 27, 1936, in Coney Island  Brooklyn New York City USA; Louis Gossett had 3 spouses in his life & their names were Hattie Glascoe, Christiana Mangoising, Cyndi James Reece; 

Louis Gossett Jr Spouse and Family Information

Louis Gossett Jr Spouse are:-

Names  Married Year  Divorce Year 
Hattie Glascoe  1967  ann1968
Christiana Mangoising  1973  1975 
Cyndi James Reece  1987 1992

Louis Gossett Jr Profile Info:-

Louis Gossett Jr was an American Actor at the age of 17 he debuted on stage after a short period he joined the theater and successfully auditioned for the Boardway play Take a Gaint Step, and this was his career’s first play then he continued acting and play many important roles in Big Plays;

Louis Gossett Jr 
Full Name  Louis Cameron Gossett 
Born  May 27, 1936, Brooklyn New York USA 
Died  March 29, 2024, Santa Monica California USA 
Career & Occupation  American Actor 
Life Cycle Active Years  1953-2024
His Spouse
  • Hattie Glascoe was married in 1967; ANN 1968
  • Christina Mangosing married in 1973 or Divorced in 1975 
  • Cyndi James-Reese was married in 1987  or Divorced in 1992 
Children  2 years 
Relatives  Robert Gossett His First Cousin 

Louis Gossett’s Early Life and Education

Louis Gossett completed his schooling as an alumnus of Mark Twain Intermediate School 239 and he also studied at Abraham Lincoln High School and completed his graduation in 1954;

After that, he attended New York University, declining an authentic scholarship because he was a tall guy in their college height was 6 Feet 1 inch Meter tall; that’s why he got the opportunity to play  varsity basketball during his college time he declined the basketball offer and focus on his acting career in theatre;

Louis Gossett Awards and Nomination

Years Awards  Category  Nominated Work  Results  
1982 Academy Awards Best Supporting Actor An Officer and A Gentleman Won
2000 Black Reel Awards Limited Series/Outstanding Actor,Tv Movie Love Songs
  • Nominated
  • Won
2013 Limited Series/Outstanding Actor,Tv Movie Smitty Nominated
2020 Black Reel Tv Awards Limited Series/Outstanding Actor,Tv Movie Watchmen Nominated
1985 Cable ACE Awards Best Actor in a Movie or Miniseries The Guardian Nominated
1992 Best Actor in a Movie or Mini-series Sudie and Simpson


1997 Best Children Special-7 and Older In His Father’s Shoes Nominated
1998 Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Children Special Won
2003 Outstanding Special Class Special Opening  Ceremony Salt Lake Paralympic Winter Games
  • Nominated
  • Nominated
1982 Golden Globe Awards Best Supporting Actor- Motion Picture An Officer and a gentleman
1983 Best Actor in a Miniseries or Moon Picture Made for Television Sadat Won
1991 Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television The Josephine Bakery Nominated
1983 Golden Raspberry Worst Supporting Actor Jaws 3 D Nominated
2022 Moscow Indie Film Festival Best Actor Supporting Role Not to Forget Won
1971 NAACP Image Awards Outstanding actor in A Motion Picture Skin Game Nominated
1982 An Office and a Gentlemen Won
1997 Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie or Mini-Series Captive Heart: The James Mink Story Nominated
1998 Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Touched by an Angel Won
2003 Outstanding Actor in Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special Jaspar Texas Nominated
2011 The Least Among you Nominated
2020 Online Film & Television Association Awards Best Supporting Actor in  a Limited Series Watchmen Nominated

Louis Gossett Mariage Life

Louis Gossett was married three times and he became the father of  one son and also adopted another, Louis Gossett was married to Hattie Glascoe, but after some time it was annulled, and after some years; He became ready for a second marriage with Christiana Mangosing in 1973, or in 1974 their son Sattie was born; 

In 1975 Gossett and Christiana got divorced, and then he decided to get married again for the third time star search Champion Cyndi James Reece and again divorced in 1992;

Louis Gossett 3 wife Information

Louis Gossett Wife Name & Profile 

Hattie Glascoe  Christiana Mangosing Champion Cynid James Reece
Hattie Glascoe  Christiana Mangosing Champion Cynid James Reece

Illness and Death

From 1990 to early 2000 Louis Gossett struggled with a debilitating illness, he was given a prognosis of six months of life from doc stage 1 in 2001 Louis Gossett has learned so much about his illness was due to toxic mold in his Malibu home; 

Or in  9 Feburary 2010, Louis Gossett announced that he was suffering from prostate cancer; He added the disease was caught in its early stages, and he expected to make a full recovery in late December 2020;

Louis Gossett was hospitalized in Georgia with COVID-19 or Louis Gossett was hospitalized in Santa Monica California & he died on March 29, 2024, at the age of 87 no cause of death was given;

FAQ About Louis Gossett Jr Spouse and Family Information

Here we will share more search queries about Louis Gossett or if you have any suggestions you can comment below we are happy to respond and read to your suggestions ;

Q. How old was Louis Gossett Jr when he died?

Louis Gossett Jr was at the age of 87 when he died on 29 March 2024; Louis Gossett is one of the most popular American actors who became more famous by playing the officer role in A Gentlemen Movie which comes in 1982 this movie’s famous character named Sergent Emil Foley;

Q. How much is Louis Gossett Jr Net Worth?

At the age of 87 Louis Gossett’s net worth was $5 Million currently in 2024 before he died;

Q. Where did Louis Gossett Jr. live before he died?

Louis Gossett lived in Brooklyn New York USA before he passed away;

Q. Did Louis Gossett Jr have a Son?

Louis Gossett jr has a son named Sattie who was born in 1974, His son was born after Louis Gossett’s second marriage with Christiana Mangosing in 1973;

Q. Was Louis Gossett Jr ever in the military?

Louis Gossett served in a ranger position in the U.S. Army, Which is why he has working experience in the Military and he knew about Military life since his life he has become more popular as an actor;

Q. Did Louis Gossett have any children?

According to Wikipedia Louis Gossett was married 3 times he fathered one son and adopted other babies; 

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